Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Was A Dear One…

Eyes are closed
But soul is dwelling in someone else’s heart.

Gone to sleep
But someone else is dreaming about you
Spending sleepless nights.

All doors are open
But someone else’s mind
Eludes any happy thought.

Idyllic life has sore off
But someone else’s life
Has come a standstill.

Entered into light
Leaving darkness in
Someone else’s life.

Dislodging the world
Making it too small
For someone else’s living.

Joining hands with intangible when
Someone else is ready
For hugging you one more time.

Death has taken you
But someone else’s life
Has become dead without you.


Sur said...

very nice one!I am glad that you chose a different topic to write this time and that too such a serious one! Death! Very touching!

enjoyneer said...

where were u for the last four years??
.............i loved tat

shivani said...

@ ankur
thnks a lot.....