Friday, April 11, 2008

Vows which could never be made

Jessica is standing in front of the priest in a modestly decorated church ready to take vows for her marriage with Harris. Beautifully dressed in white wedding gown and a half veil on her face, her eyes shinning brightly behind it. The charm on her face was similar to that of a mother seeing her new born baby for the first time. Her long curly hair crowned with flowers. The white roses feeling proud being held by her hands, for she is looking a perfect angel.

Close friends and relatives were invited to witness their celebration of love. It was in this divine place that Jessica first meets Harris. Harris a photographer had come to capture the beauty of church on the Christmas day; the church was ostentatiously adorned for the eve, having an ingenious stoic ambience. The nave of the church was for the worshipper’s stand, with an aisle leading to the sanctuary, a few steps higher than the nave and the templon bearing a crucified icon of Jesus Christ with candles lit below it. The sleek wall paintings depicting episodes from the Bible. Jessica was singing in the choir when Harris saw her for the first time, blown by her pristine beauty, captured her in his heart forever.

One could easily see the happiness on Jessica’s face on the wedding day. The wedding was similar to what she had always fantasized. The start of a new life, with her sorrows reduced and happiness being infinite. Every arrangement for the wedding was together decided by them, with a not a simplest thing being ignored.

But, why can’t our life be without this but. Harris was not yet there for the wedding; slowly the tension taking on, on Jessica’s face was visible. Suddenly there was a hustle outside the church she came running to see what has happened. She could not believe what she was seeing, like time has stopped. A bolt from the blue, lying in front of her was Harris’s dead body. Her tears unstoppable, her grief unimaginable, her happiness turned to bits; it was like somebody has torn her heart and was stampeding on it.

Harris’s best photograph was one of those of Jessica which he took when he first saw her.
He never told her about this and thought this would be the best present to her for the wedding, thinking it would be a great surprise to her making the wedding all the more special. It was for this photograph that he had gone home, his car was thrashed by a truck and it was God’s will that he never returned.

Beside Harris’s dead body, Jessica’s eyes invisible in tears, her face expressionless, and her pain similar to a mother who came to know that her baby was born dead. She bowed down, closed his eyes, and kissed him for the last time. Jessica is standing seeing Harris for the last time, bidding him adieu for the final time.

P.S.-My first attempt towards short story.

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