Thursday, October 10, 2013


The dancing path, in this hilly terrain
The soft wind kissing away
That cold calm water
Humming on this warm sunny day
Crossing the road less travelled
On a journey to discover
And to loose oneself
I was lost
In the stroke of colors
Painted by life
Awed by this beauty
Let me breathe in these shades
Like that tattered leaf
Floating away
Let me Fall
For this beautiful Fall

Monday, July 22, 2013

It Was A Sunday

(Becky standing on the porch and looking at the person approaching)
A white old car, parked on her stoned side walk
Her pretty little sister, now a smart lady got down
Wore a simple attire and a hesitant walk
Did she know her, what should she say??
There was no contact, years of silence was what they had.

(Sara sitting inside the car and looking at the person standing on the porch)
The same old house, that swing on the porch, was no more there.
Everything looked changed but still felt the same.
Her brave sister, her childhood star, waved at her.
Wore a simple attire and a welcoming smile.
That comfort under her shelter, but that expectation in the eye.
Did she know her, what would she answer??
There was no contact, years of absence was what she had.

(That moment which took like forever to come, and was just a minute long)
The Impulsive grasp of their caress
That familiar touch but different smell
Regret, in no words they said.
That long minute melted into a second.
Gravity in the silence of birds around.
Broke in whisper, when Becky said “Come on in"

(Angry John) 
Long hair and disgusted look 
Sitting beside driver's seat 
Eighteen and ferocious, for never to be treated as one
Angry to have been brought to this unknown place 
Hated being informed today that he had an Aunt 
Mad in the gloom of questions , which Sara never answered

(Back home) 
Do you call it home?
Where it was all bitterness in the food Sara made
Careless concern which she never forgot to show
Strong belief in her coldness, that his every step was a mistake.
But he still lived with her, and survived.
For she was his mother, his only family

And again 
Here he was 
Sitting in this damn car
Waiting, when will Sara remember about him.
(Sara calling) 
Come on in John
Look Becky that is Him.
He is my kid. Too Smart a boy
Not at all easy to handle 

(John Meets his Aunt) 
How similar they looked,
But so different she was from Sara
Becky hugged him tight
Gazed his face in her gentle hands
Said that he had his grandmother’s eyes
And again she hugged him tight
And whispered “Come in “

(The present that took them to the past)
The living was clean as always
AC was making that usual sound
Those uncomfortable wooden chair
Served were­ hot pancakes

 (It was a Sunday)
Sara’s last day at home
Becky made pancakes
An awesome cook
Very smart and capable
Worked, did more than she could
Sara so wished to be like her
She never knew her mother,
No more than a picture on the kitchen wall
But last night they had a fight
The more right she wanted to do
The more it went out be wrong for her sister
She was beginning to feel less
Succumbed to her own emotional standards
Expectation in every eye for her, was tough to handle,
In haste she left
Broke, Becky’s heart
Never to return back till this day

(Right mistake)
Love makes you mad
Sets you free as a kite, with no restrain
A broken heart realizes late
Sara learnt this the hard way
Six months pregnant, John’s father left 
Difficult to cope with her own mistakes
She found a new hope in John
Named after her father

(Single Mom)
Never in her life had she cooked
But she did for John
Woke up early and slept late
Worked two jobs a day
Cared to give him a good education.
Ashamed of her past
She shared less with John

Scared if he knew her mistakes
He would even hate her more
So she let it the way it was
Never tried to make amends
He still lived with her, and she survived.
He was her hope, he was her boy

(Her incomplete home)
Nowhere was her life, except the same old house
She was born here.
Looked beautiful, same as the picture in kitchen wall
Never was she married, but she was Sara’s mother
Sara left, but she could never leave
Because their father, he had always been sick
Bedridden for all his life.
She feed him, took every care for him
Both her mornings and nights were with him.
His condition was now very critical
She contacted Sara, she could also be with him
Share his last moments with him
He was her father
Her family

(He found home)
It was his first time here
The warmth of Becky’s hug
Felt like home forever
He was treated as a man
Becky discussed the problems with him
He got all the answers from his Aunt
Understood the careless concern of his mom
All his gloom was gone
He was a gentleman from now
And asked his Mom
Let us not go back
We found our home

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FEAR !!!

Throbbing in her chest

Her Chest breaths of heavy sighs

Sighs in darkness she is running away

Away from the hand

The hand that tries to strangle her

Her legs strangle with the dress

The dress that now makes her topple

Topples her on the rugged paths

Paths ahead lead no more

No more can she see

See only darkness swallow

Swallow herself, throbbing in her chest

Her chest breaths of heavy sighs

Sighs of relief, she wakes from a nightmare

From a nightmare into light

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Naina, had a very hectic day at work, like everyone getting back home was the best part of her day as well, she had her best friend as her roommate, all the worries and tensions vaporized into thin air when they had their relaxing evening tea. But, her roommate has gone to her home town to meet her parents. So, Naina was in no mood to make tea by herself for herself, else she decided to take an evening stroll in the nearby park and to have tea at the tapri (tea stall) there. She changed into her favorite blue cotton pants and loose t-shirt, wore her comforting flip flops and was out of home in just 5 minutes, on her way walking to the park she was surrounded by the busy traffic, the annoying horn of the cars and the nostalgic smell coming from the street vendors, so she started to stride fast.
As she reached ,the entrance of the park read “ Welcome To Sarojini Park “ she never liked the name Sarojini for the park , she felt as if she was about to enter a museum , no offense to whatever great Sarojini did to have a park named after her , she always thought the park could have some pleasant name like , Nisarg or Wonder  Woods or anything pleasant sounding at least . But it was a well-kept and beautiful park.
The entrance of the park was curved with the blossoming marigold on both hands, which lead way to the vast lush green carpet ahead of it, she could not feel the softness of the grass with her flip flops on. She took her tea from the tapri and was headed to their patent spot, it was a solitary bench from where you could get the best view of the park. There was a beautiful fountain in the middle, adoring it in encircle were wide rings of different flowers, red poppies, white lilies, yellow daffodil. Around flowers was a wide track to walk, jog or to skate. You could see all sorts of people there, having a leisure time with their friends, family and loved ones. Children running around, youngsters playing, families enjoying and couples having a cozy walk and talk.  
Sitting there sipping her tea, she could feel surrounded by all forms of liveliness of life in store, she breathed immense peace, a word she liked a lot, in peace with herself. And wondering how long way she has moved along. Even though she was sitting alone, she could not have been happier, yeah but she did miss her roommate’s glorious talk. Naina herself being a very reserved of person was astonished how some people can talk incessantly without getting tired. As she was running her eyes to see the world around her, they stopped on couple on the other side, as if she knew them and their story. She could only see the side face of the girl and tell that she was pretty, wearing denim jeans and white floral cute top, she had long wavy hair, and had a slim figure.  Sitting there Naina could make out that she had glittering bright eyes filled with love for the guy, she could only see the glimpses of the guy, but he seemed to be very good looking, she could tell that this couple was so in love, the tenderness in way the guy held her hands, the affection with which he was looking into her eyes and talking. Naina, felt a bit jealous, but she was in peace she had her bitter share of experience in love, it was enough for her. But for now she was satisfied in her own small world of friends and family.
On the other side, Priya is sitting close to Amit, trying to be in composure and to shed no tears, her long locks carelessly disturbed her , she tucked them back behind her ears, this was the same place where they always spent their weekends , it was the same her , and the same him. But everything was going change after this day for better. She told Amit, she could no longer take it anymore, it was not like that she had found someone else. She had so much respect and love for Amit. But it was hard on her part to explain that she did not feel the way she had expected or in the same way as he felt. Or she was sad that she was not able to reciprocate the love which she got. This feeling was strangling her from inside. Amit was the best of guys and best of friends, but she just did not feel for him that way, just the thought was making it difficult to breathe for her.
Amit was still holding her hands, calmly hearing but realizing how her sweetheart was tormenting his heart with these words , it was difficult for him to understand that Priya did not love him , he was trying to still find that glitter of love in Priya’s eyes, but eyes her eyes were looking down . She had respect but not love for him.  He then understood and told Priya that he could not be in contact with her anymore, it would be too damn hard for him, to see her, talk to her but not love her or care for her. Because he knew no one could ever love and respect her as the way he did. And he could not live this way. He kissed her hand. This was has to be their last goodbye.

Naina saw the guy kiss the girl’s hand, they stood up and walked away, Naina was happy to see them in love, in peace she had finished her tea and stood to leave too.

Monday, June 3, 2013


A wink and try
An irritation in eye
Blurred some  visions
Maneuvered movements
But caught by hands
With a puff of air
A restless whisper
A silent wish
P.S I was an eyelash

Who Are You ??

In restlessness
To prove yourself
In hesitation
To go beyond limits
In fear
To never let down
In consciousness
To everything you do
In challenge
Where you are in faceoff
With yourself
In close eyes
With every breath
You draw inspiration
You draw strength
You draw courage
From a proud woman


Closed my eyes to the mirror
Was afraid to see things clearer
The pain received from someone dearer

All this time which I thought I left behind
I promised myself not to remind
But here again I find
Feelings disturbing my mind

How hard it was to bring emotions on track
Tired I don’t want to look back

For me  time never tries to heal
I have tried with all my zeal
So I stand tall and make a deal

Let the memories remain crystal clear
Was a bad chapter nothings to fear
Muster faith and belief to bear
For the new me I cheer