Friday, March 28, 2008

Playing With Colors

It was a long weekend this time but I was not at home. I usually run to home on such weekends but not this time. I do not regret going but really missed my home every moment. So how to spend such a long weekend in the hostel the code is simple sleep, watch movies, go for walk in the evening and talk to glory with friends. But this weekend had some other things in store too. The fun started from Friday itself, at night we lit the bonfire representing the start of Hindu spring festival of colors HOLI.The bonfire signifies the burning of the demoness Holika, Hiranyakashipu's sister. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls on Phalgun Purnima (or Pooranmashi, Full Moon). Holi takes place over two days first day signifies the symbolic burning of evils while the second day is all about fun playing with colors. This was my second holi in the hostel and really had loads of fun throwing color (gulal/aabir) and water at friends. To surprise we played in the narrow corridor of our hostel with our faces becoming unrecognizable after some time, also because I was not wearing my spectacles. But the festival was incomplete as I did not had any delicious food or sweet to eat.
Sunday too was going to end in a simple way but my friend Maddy just passing by the common room found Rangoli competition was going on. Rangoli is one of the most popular art forms in India. It is a form if sand painting decoration that uses finely ground white powder and colors. In particular Divali festival is celebrated with rangoli. We (Maddy, Sweta and I) had thought of taking part in it but in our festive moods (no classes) we forgot about the competition. We already had colors. We gathered in the common room with our stuff. We lost almost ten minutes in arranging stuff and another ten minutes in thinking what Rangoli design we will make. But after that there was no stopping, we just completed in time having complete fun while making it. To our surprise we got the third prize. Just as in exam we have one night stand, this was just a 10 minutes stand and the result was far better than that I get in my exam. The incomplete festival was also completed as my other friends who had gone home had brought homemade stuff and sweets, also stuff coming from my home
check out the rangoli we made: