Sunday, December 12, 2010


Thoughts entangled

Heart wrenched

Eyes red . . . .

Spirit shackled

Mind depressed

Eyes red. . . .

Emotions mishandled

Feelings cheated

Eyes red. . . . .

Hopes derailed

Beliefs shattered

Eyes red. . . . .

Intentions propelled

Path mislead

Eyes red. . . . .

Steps tumbled

Fears groomed

Eyes red. . . . .

Laugh crumbled

Moments poisoned

Eyes red. . . . .

Self blamed

Actions trailed

Eyes red. . . . .

Eyes red. . . . .

Monday, March 8, 2010


There are some words that resonate in my mind and I am just awed by the sublime beauty of its meaning. Through the crisscrossing thoughts of mind and tender emotions of the heart I try to caricature a frame of it’s meaning. At night while trying hard to sleep I see an assortment of these meaningful pictures dancing in front of my eyes. One such word that took my goodnight’s sleep away recently is ‘Rhyme’ well I have come across this word many times but never thought deeply about it.

Picture 1: the first night
A child sleeping peacefully
Perched in mother’s arms tenderly

I was trying to sleep but was not able to, I could feel my rhyme less heart beats, a sense of loneliness got into my nerves; I asked myself what would tune it to rhyme and got an instant answer from the heart: lying peacefully, caressed gently in my mother’s arms, a divine sense of satisfaction trails, there are no words that can exactly describe this feeling but i realise at that moment my heart beat rhymes with that of her. Just perceiving this makes eyes drizzle but brings a smile to me and finally I fall asleep hearing the rhyming lullaby of my heart.

Picture 2 : the second night
Forgetting oneself
Dancing whole night feeling good being myself

Extremely exhausted unaware of everything lying curled in the corner of my bed I hear a serene music, I love to dance it makes me joyful, filled with enthusiasm, an inexplicable pleasure of being myself. The smooth float of my body rhyming with the tune of music. In this rhyme of swinging emotions I finally fall asleep.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Drowning in the Whirlpool of Love

I knew the first time I saw you
Never thought I’ll feel the way I feel now
Struck by the unyielding tide of love
I lost my heart as are the ripples in water
Now I am drowning slowly in the whirlpool of your love.......
As on roller-coaster ride
My heart is pounding a million times faster
And I know it is for you.

With so many complications
Yet you make it so easy for me
Like living in a painter’s imagination
Filled with myriad hues
Enchanted by the magic of love
I believe in you.

I can see it in the twinge of your eyes
The inevitable love words cannot express
And I just know it is forever............

P.S. :Waiting for the tide to come and turn my life upside down :)