Monday, September 3, 2007

The Saviour

Though I can hear
but I never listen

Though I see
but I never admire

Though its raining
but its still dry

Though there is food
but my appetite doesn't satisfy

Though I look happy
but I don't know where is my joy

Though I feel
but there is no stimuli

Though I learn
but I never understand

Though I am in search
but I don't know of what

but every time I have these
buts I find a Saviour
who stands by me
really tells me right
saves me out
and I know its You

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I hear a voice....
when I breathe in air
which makes me feel myself.....

I hear a voice ....
when I am alone
telling me look around
you will surely find someone
you haven't talked for long.....

I hear a voice....
when I breathe in water
that is the flapping of my fins...
my body dancing on that tune
which makes me feel my strength....

I hear a voice.....
when I win
telling me don't fly in air
stay firm in ground
for then you will never lose again....

I hear a voice
when I lose
telling me don't lose heart
and keep trying
for one day you will surely win......