Sunday, July 6, 2008

50% On AIR.....

With the exam fever off, more tension is pouring in with new admission criteria for the 50% seat in all the NITs other than its native state which is based on all India merit. New thought to ponder, strong decision to make and heavy competition to combat. Obviously, the new decision caters to raise the level of NITs, and prove beneficial for the students from the state which has less seat quota in other NIT, students who secure very good ranks, students of the state not having a top ranked NIT; students who missed the chance to get into IIT by a little difference, but proficient for studying in an efficient technical institute.

Everything seems good. A great decision , but what about students of the state where the AIEEE ranking goes low, where the competition level till now was low; where it is not possible for students to match their preparation level to compete with others, with no lack of intelligence, but a little less in preparation. A very good decision, but I don’t think this was the perfect time; just after the results on 13th June, with no prior clue for the students to gear on their preparation level. But they have the other 50% and other technical institute all over the country but obviously not to match with that of NIT.

To raise their standard, admission should be totally based on all India merit, why only the 50% seat. But standard cannot be just raised by quality intake only the infrastructure of each NIT should be made comparable with IIT. Utilization of the funds given to NITs should be made righteously in proper direction in full contribution with the ideas of the students. What is the point in discussing now? I was a little lucky to get NIT with the rank I got seeing the present scenario. For the junior can just say the luckiest way to quench your thirst for success is by the sweat of your own hard work and determination, as the competition gets tougher and tougher day by day.A journey from the unconquerable past to the desired future via the mould of present in our hands.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Do We Really seee....

Don’t believe what you see
It may be your hallucination
Fallacy blinded your thought.

Don’t believe what you see
Like you have no other option
You’re forced never to refute.

Don’t believe what you see
You may misjudge a situation
Because prime accused is
Not always a heinous murderer.

Don’t believe what you see
Objects may be far from reality
As you see the sun but even
Your close eyes can’t image
What it is in reality.

Don’t believe what you see
You see the glass empty
Even if it is half filled with water.