Monday, June 3, 2013


Shalini was sitting alone, trying to comprehend the reason why had she landed herself in such a situation with her best of friends. It was her best friend with whom she had shared all her secrets, reveled her lies , accepted her mistakes, shared her laughter and felt relieved from pain .Shalini’s  life was an open book to her  friend .It had been days she had talked to her , in the past her day was incomplete if she did not hear her voice. How could she treat her best friend like this, she wasn’t herself. She was going through some hard time that was for sure , the first person she used to  talk when she found herself in such situations was her best friend , but how come it has been days and she has not called , how could she let go of this , how could she not call and allow things get more worse. Things were never so much complicated with her best friend, whom she had nothing to be embarrassed of, she meant the life to her. There was not a day when she missed her, how eager she was to hear how her friend called her name. it was killing her from  inside , she thought she needed some time for herself to figure out how to deal with the problem herself , she wanted to be left alone to deal with it . And in this struggle with herself she was losing her best friend .The hesitation to talk was taking her more far away from her, it was breaking her , things were becoming more and more hazy to handle .  She did not know how to handle the situation because the friend she usually talk to in such situations, she was not able to talk to these days.
While she was in deep thoughts dealing with this, her phone rang, it was her best friend. She was drowning in guilt, how she has treated her, when she knew that her silence must be hurting her friend so much. Did she had the courage to pick her call and talk to her after behaving with her so badly , was she so selfish to even consider how her friend must to feeling about this. What was she trying to do, escape from her friend or herself? She was scared of herself. And again she did not answer her call. And it was all clear to her, she had crossed all limits now trying to avoid her friend, how could she expect her friend to call again yet even answer her own call; after treating her so badly. To her surprise the phone rang again, it was her friend, it was her last chance to correct her mistakes, it was now or never, she has to face this, and she now answered. Her friend just asked her how she was, she just said I am sorry to which her friend replied its Ok. That day she cried her heart out. And things were back to normal. Because they were best of FRIENDS 

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