Sunday, May 22, 2011


A parchment dabbed with the photographs of reminiscences from the past that are preserved in a tiny recess of memories. Mystique memories, just at a click of thoughts, live play of memories flashes in front of the present and takes down the journey to the past. A tour to the days lived and lost, that left imprints on the sands of time.
The solace of being cared and looked after, the bliss of being a child, carefree innocence with which one grows. A hazy memory of someone gently holding your hand and teaching you write your first words. The sweet childhood of senseless fights to get a bigger half in a sweet dish, a crazy fear to go toilet alone at night and getting up early to attend school on time. When order was to maintain pin drop silence and write an essay on The Holy Cow. The tasty food which you never get anywhere except at home. The memory of that taste still waters the mouth. Flashback into those thoughts makes one yearn to relive those moments again .
Simplicity is never the changing constant of life, so are the memories. A mirror to the past which shows the person you were once and how one has grown to become a person that you are now. A true reflection of the good deeds done, all the foolish mistakes committed and the searing guilt lived along with. The experience which taught you the difference between the black and white, truth and lie; that raised the curtain of camouflage and made your first faceoff with the reality that is life.
You would always wish to flush out some memories forever, wish they were never a part of your being but those are the ones that more frequently that often come crashing in front of the eyes, and land you in a dilemma of question and answer session with yourself, but grooms a different side of conscience, changes yours outlook towards a better understanding; gives you that aplomb attitude to take better decisions for yourself.
Memories: a part of me, lived, laughed and cried with me; that complete me. That I can cherish and relive .That will always be my companion, a parchment, a souvenir .


navin said...

tere ko raat ke 3 baje memories udda le jate hain thru the clouds of the past...sahi hai :)

shivani said...

@ Navin
yeah true :)