Friday, February 5, 2010

Drowning in the Whirlpool of Love

I knew the first time I saw you
Never thought I’ll feel the way I feel now
Struck by the unyielding tide of love
I lost my heart as are the ripples in water
Now I am drowning slowly in the whirlpool of your love.......
As on roller-coaster ride
My heart is pounding a million times faster
And I know it is for you.

With so many complications
Yet you make it so easy for me
Like living in a painter’s imagination
Filled with myriad hues
Enchanted by the magic of love
I believe in you.

I can see it in the twinge of your eyes
The inevitable love words cannot express
And I just know it is forever............

P.S. :Waiting for the tide to come and turn my life upside down :)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME piece of writing dear. really touched.

shivani said...

@ pragati
thnks dear

Manish Jha aka ~HOwitZeR~ said...

Achha!! chamka nahi :O
pahle Drowning in love and then
waitin fr d tide.. eh?
Tortuous. :S