Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Dream Come True

Hari only a thirteen year old boy but endured enough vicissitudes of life, in his this short span as he has been his own caretaker had no family to take care of him when he was weak, no one to wipe his tears when he cried, no mother to sing him a lullaby, no father to encourage when he was feelinglow, so what no one was there for him he had grown to live his own life discerning the numerous facets of life, learning and earning by himself. Every night he found a new perch to nestle under the starry sky, be it footpath strewn with wastes or a murky pipe or any place.
Poise in his sleep, an unfamiliar man affably places his arms around Hari’s shoulders says to him go get yourself and your little brother a candy. He quickly takes the money from his father grabs his brothers hand and darts away from the front gate crossing the road and reaches the candy shop asks the shopkeeper to give him the candy, after taking his candy he turns his back to the shopkeeper carefully unwraps the cover, saliva drools in his mouth just as he brings the candy close to his mouth to taste, the shopkeeper bangs his back to ask for money and bam! the candy falls down. Trepidation overtakes him, weary he wakes up, sees hither and thither finds no one, sadly lowers his head down feeling dejected, tears start to trickle down his cheeks regretting that he has no family. He had always pictured himself having a candy from his father. But this was never going to happen.
In the morning he comes to the place where his work is to clean cars, for which his boss paid a petty amount just sufficient to afford him a day’s food. But he was not sad about this; he just wanted family, parents whose eternal love he could feel, siblings to fight share and love. Every day he saved some amount, the accrued money was capable to buy him only one candy which cheered him for a while and brought a smile on his face.
In the evening after completing all the chores, taking his wage from the boss and adding it to the saved money he now finally has the money to buy himself a candy so he progresses towards the candy shop, on his way his eyes are distracted from the road by a mother and her kid in the sidewalk, the kid crying heavily the mom seemed exhausted unable to control her baby, after passing them also he turned his head again and again he just could not take his eyes off them, he reached the shop bought the candy and without wasting a second sprinted towards the kid and gives him his own candy the kid takes the candy and crying gradually stops. He walks away, feeling the void of his life filled with joy, happy to bring smile in a kid’s life, giving him the satisfaction as if completing his own family portrait, by experiencing the love he missed in his life by sharing................

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